Drifting Compilations from DDQ7 at USAir Raceway, Hosted By ClubFR

We had the amazing luck to be in town during DDQ7, a drift event in Shawano, Wisconsin. We met quite a few people, and captured some incredible footage that we’d like to share with you! If you want to view these on YouTube, check out the 240Drift YouTube Channel! If you like what you see, remember to like the videos and subscribe to the channel, so you never miss a video release!










As a drift enthusiast, if I've owned the car, you can bet it's been sideways! Honda S2000, Chrysler Crossfire, 1987 Porsche (only once, *never again*), and my babies, my 1995 Notch-top SR 240SX and 1991 Red-top SR 240SX. I've had a ton of fun, and I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences, tips, and recommendations with you all!

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